Who is this?

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Who is this?

Post by Newt » Sun May 13, 2018 5:54 pm

He graduated at the bottom of his class at the Naval Academy -- 894th out of 899, yet was admitted to flight school. (Probably had to do with both his Dad and Grandfather being Admirals)

His flight training work was likewise subpar.

After graduating, he stalled an AD-6 in Texas, and crashed into the Gulf. He then had significant difficulty with shedding his canopy during the emergency disembark routine and nearly drowned. He tried to blame his error on engine failure. Pilot mistake was cited. (Probably would have ended his aviator career, except both his Dad and Grandfather were Admirals)

He was then clowning around while flying from a carrier over Spain. He wasn't a good enough pilot to clown. He flew under powerlines, cut them with his tail and blacked out several Spanish communities as a result. It was an international incident. (Coupled with the previous incident, this would certainly have ended his aviator career, except both his Dad and Grandfather were Admirals)

After that, He was training in Virginia and had yet another plane fall out of the sky. He managed to safely eject. The Navy was unable to determine the precise cause of the accident or the degree of pilot error. He again blamed his engine. (Probably would have affected his aviator career, except both his Dad and Grandfather were Admirals)

There were other issues as well.

He was finally shot down over Hanoi when he disregarded altitude directives, and flew within well known AA range. He claims he was shot down by a missile. Fellow pilots say it was AA. As in Texas, he likely screwed up the ejection routine and was badly injured escaping the aircraft as a result.

Now his POW years were undoubtedly harrowing and horrible. But his career leading to that point was far far less than stellar. Hero due to being a POW? Call it what you will.

The guy is obviously in another tough situation now. Have to feel for him. But his recent unseemly decisions to go after Trump, even now, are either driven by personal flaws, tumor cognitive effects, or both. Either way they should drive honest conversation rather than revisionism in response.

re: To all those saying that He was a war hero, the Code of ConductPosted on 5/13/18 at 2:50 am to T .
I don't have to bash Him for his suspect military career, nor do I feel the need to offer praise for it either. Respect the man for his service? Debatable since he has disrespected it by his abuse of that status to gain favor and political office.

I will take the liberty of trashing him for his poor record as a "conservative" law maker. He, along with many others, are the poster children of why term limits should be implemented.

Those that want to praise him for his POW status, then by all means do so. However, don't hold mine or others opinions hostage just because he is a POW and served. He is the one that put it on public display for critical review, and therefore open to individual interpretation. "
Anonymous Author!

He never saw a chance of war that he wasn't willing to send American troops to die.
Sadly, I voted for him. The deep state gave me no choice. The alternative was a Muslim loving USA hating traitor who got rich by helping big pharma.

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Re: Who is this?

Post by S.R.Patch » Mon May 14, 2018 12:30 pm

Then buy you some ZTE stock. Donald is picking losers and winners again and has chose to save the jobs of China tek that steals American Tek and trades with NK & Iran.
Ole "bone spur" is making the money, you should be in the pea bed with him... :lol:

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Re: Who is this?

Post by Newt » Tue May 15, 2018 6:35 am

Shocked! I'm truly shocked that you didn't address the subject of the post. Instead you jumped to something that may or may not happen.
However, I share your concern over companies such as ZTE and other Chinese companies that are bribing politicians to obtain our technology. If Trump falls for that then IMO he's not draining the swamp just replacing alligators with new ones.

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Re: Who is this?

Post by Newt » Thu May 17, 2018 2:46 pm

Worried about ZTE? Its not the Chinese nor North Korea that is the biggest threat.

Updated list of Obama administration corruption and nefarious
How can one attack Russia and Putin while defending the actions of the previous administration.

-Gun running to violent gangs and subsequent coverup of murdered Mexican and US citizens with these guns

-Refusal to prosecute those engaged in voter intimidation

-Deliberate use of the IRS to target and obstruct political opposition, ultimately influencing a national election

-Passing an unpopular federal takeover of the healthcare and health insurance market using outright lies to garner support from the public

-Coverup of incompetence or outright corruption which resulted in the murder of an American ambassador and those protecting him.

-Creation and arming of a terrorist organization(s) which was used for political purposes..a terrorist organization that has murdered thousands of innocent people abroad.

-Meddling in foreign elections

-Spying on journalists

-Federal agencies hacking state election systems

-Negotiation of a phony nuclear deal with a terrorist state around Congress...that included payoffs to US government officials according to that terrorist state

-Unmarked planes dropping palates of cash to a terrorist state funding those murdering US citizens, soldiers, and citizens and soldiers of US allies.

-Justice department slush fund taken from banks as a shakedown and diverted to Democrat party support organizations

-Politicization of the FBI selectively refusing to prosecute the Democrat party Presidential candidate for obvious felonies that compromised US security. Obvious collusion between that candidate and the head of the Justice Department.

-Illegal unmasking of intelligence on political opposition and leaking that information to the media.

-Abuse of FISA courts using knowingly false information and the FBI using undercover informants to spy on political opposition

-The head of the FBI attempting to set up a sitting President using knowingly false intelligence on orders from an Obama administration holdover

Zero arrests from these crimes

No threat here folks, its the Russians!

Yeah but he gave us "Cash for Clunkers" and saved the country.

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Re: Who is this?

Post by Rabbithoundjb » Fri May 18, 2018 6:05 am

That's just the short list Newt. People don't like the truth, you simply can't fix stupid. I have to laugh at how dumb and easily manipulated sooo many people are.

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